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Leeds Historical Society

Leeds Historical Society Facts

The Historical Society has scattered Town Records and Minutes and extensive mortgage and property valuation information for historic Leeds. Birth, marriage and death records are available, as are cemetery records. In-depth genealogies for several local families have already been compiled.

The Society also maintains several separate collections. The Ernest and Kitty (Carville) Russel Collection contains early 20th century photos and diaries. The Henry M. Brewster Collection has many turn-of-the-century materials, and the John Young Merrill Collection is composed of photographs, deeds and diaries from 1855-1865. The Leeds Historical Society also has preserved some additional public records as well as local maps and newspapers.

Built in 1823 as the Leeds townhouse, the building that now houses the Leeds Historical Society was first employed as a meeting venue for the town's members. It served in this capacity for many years, also going through brief spells of time as a Universalists' meetinghouse and a schoolhouse. The town house's roof was heightened in 1851 and the building underwent more extensive renovations in the 1930s and 1970s. In 2004 the Leeds Historical Society acquired a lease on the building.